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Welcome to my exclusive Closer To That Art Club subscription service sign up!  This monthly subscription will offer exclusive art prints of my artwork related to my music, my lyrics, and stories I tell at my live shows.  Each member of this club will receive 1 high quality print of an artwork created based the description above, mailed right to your door, once a month as long as you're signed up!  There will be no contract and no required amount of time to stay a member.  You can sign up for one month, get one print, and leave OR you can commit to being a long time subscriber and receive special items on occasion in addition to the normal monthly print.  As an example of what you'll be getting, I am already in the process of digitally illustrating every song I've ever written/recorded based on the lyrics.  These prints will be exclusive to members only and will be the only method of obtaining these prints.  Each print will be numbered (out of that month's current membership) and signed.  The monthly subscription will include shipping to any United States address.  International and/or Hawaii/Alaska members will have to contact me PRIOR to subscribing to see what additional costs may occur. As a token of my appreciation ALL new members will receive TWO different prints for their first month; this will include all initial subscribers! 

Please help me maintain a revenue stream to continue my passion and drive of creating art and music.  This is what I love and by subscribing you will directly help me in continuing this art journey!  

Let's work together and help pull each other closer to that flame!

*Shipments will be mailed out once monthly; so if you sign up the day after that month's shipment has went out that means you are signed up for the following month and will receive your first package then.  This will maintain a structure that is fair and organized. Basically one shipment per monthly dues.  

Tier 2 will include a HANDMADE piece of art in addition to the digital print.  This will be any thing from a small drawing to a block print designed and printed by myself.